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Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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Flood victim 

On October 20, 2022 our Management and staff has donated the following

  • ANTIVAR IMMU 5 boxes

  • G-GRA MITRA SHOT 3 boxes

To the front-line volunteer of staff from page E-Jan to help the flood victim safely, we want to be a part of seminarian for the flood victim and hope that the situation will get better soon,

Thaivagroups aims to leverage a better quality of life of The Thai, we are using cutting edge production line which Global standard and promoting natural herbs because we do care, Brand under Thaivagroups.

ANTIVAR IMMU a grape flavor gummy, helps improve body immunity, 2 pieces in a pack, convenience and compact and easily to take, suitable for everyone, composed of

  • Plu Kaow (Houttuynia cordata Thumb) helps increase body immunity against fungi, bacteria, virus in white blood cell

  • Finger root (Boesenbergia) reduce spreading of virus

  • Beta glucan stimulating effectiveness of white cell

G-GRA Mitra shot – an energy drink for body and brain composed of Ginseng from Siberia and Mitragynine which helps building muscle, refreshing, pain relieving, proton pump inhibitors, reduce infection, anti-intestinal bacteria and improve impotence.