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Bringing Thai local herbs to international market

Local Thai herbs should not be only in its community but should be promoted of its quality and how it        will benefit, Thaiva realize this important and choose to being it forward locally and internationally as a key component in our various products. The premium products from Thaiva to bring local herbs to             international market 


ANTIVAR gummy to increase body immunity

  • Plu Kaow (Houttuynia cordata Thunb) resist the spreading of bacteria, virus, fungi and increase efficiency of white cell against allergy, asthma

  • Finger root which contains panduratin and minostobin which stop virus spreading



G-GRA Mitra Shot, an energy drink for body and mind

  • Siberian ginseng for building muscle, refreshing, relief muscle pain and recovering body’s strength

  • Kra Tom (Mitragynine) relief pain, reduce gastric acid, resist to infection, heel wound and resist intestinal bacteria


MENTE, mouth spray help relaxing, insomnia, and protect mouth breath

  • Indian ginseng, helps reduce infection, resist to bacteria spreading, antioxidants

  • Chamomile helps calmness, relax, anti-mouth infection, throat and skins and wound healing

  • Stevia healing wounds in and outside 4) Peppermint relaxing, anti-anxiety

Herbs are not just a plant but full of usefulness in medical treatment, we will leverage using of herbs to be recognized widely