You are currently viewing Utmost of the cutting-edge production line and variety of products, Thaivagroups is

Utmost of the cutting-edge production line and variety of products, Thaivagroups is

Thaivagroups aims to leverage technology to support supplementary food industry in line of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) make our partner able to choose products that suit them

Softgel: a soft gelatin capsule covers medicine which will can contain liquid supplementary food which are best to contain liquid that intended not to be dissolved in water and keep them in a capsule pill such as Cod liver oil, CBD oil and hemp.


Gummies: Thaivagroups distract plants and herbs with a bitter taste mixing them with natural color and natural sweet flavor to make gummy easy to chew and in various shape like plants or animals, Gummy is best suit for supplementary food to increase body’s immunity


Jelly Stick: the latest innovation, perfect for a Hugh amount needs to be consumed such as collagen and weight control supplementary which comes in a big stick Jelly Stick contains in a dense pack and taste natural sweet and smell of natural fruit fragrance


Capsules: a products that designs for containing powder medicine, or a small grainy which not dissolve well in water, shell of the capsule is hard but can dissolve in water , mostly use as medical medicine

Tablets: mostly use in medical industry by high pressing powder medicine into a various form of tablet for example Aspirin or vitamins

Liquid Dosage Form: a condensed liquid, good favor and easily to consume when mixing with water like condensed supplementary drink or oil

Semi Solid Form: products in form of gel or cream or nano emulsion, for skin care beauty product including cream bath for animal, pimple gel or fresh wound gel