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Q&A why organic?

Q&A why organic?

We are well aware now that organic vegetables and fruits and herms are very popular in Thailand, especially that health conscious but do you truly aware why Thaiva use this as our primary ingredients, we will enlighten you Organic is a product producing without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial parts from raw materials to finished goods

How production in organic way is good?

1.Improving quality of soil and water in agriculture area

2.Reduce pollution

3.Hygiene in environmental of the farms

4.Animals are raised naturally reduce risk of being mutant – Improve nature in their circle of lives

So, this is why Thaiva concerns of using organic products as it will help a heathier life of human being consuming it and help improves natural resources and environment 

We embrace the concept of being organic and extract them to use in our main products.