You are currently viewing Thaiva Group of Company aims to leverage quality of life for Thai

Thaiva Group of Company aims to leverage quality of life for Thai

Thai’s better quality of life is important and Thaiva realize that so we have inspiration to improve that by manufacturing products that respond to that. Our main objective is not only building a brand awareness or just manufacturing products but to leverage wellbeing, safeties under 3 main thoughts

Our manufacturing process is the state of the arts and accepted by Global standard such as FSSC 220000, GHP HACCP, FDA, Department of Livestock Department, Trat Sustainable Federation, Organic Thailand, so you can rely on Thaiva’ s products of her efficiency and standard


Leverage applying of local Thai herbs, Thaiva realizes the important of each Thai herbs around the country and in all local community, we do R&D and extract and add them into the main ingredient of our supplementary food, health and beauty products available such as hemp, marijuana, kratom (Mitragyna speciose Korth), Houttuynia cordata, Fingerroot, ginseng, centella asiatica


Environmental carness, though Thaiva using the cutting-edge technology in manufacturing her products, we still preserve natural resources and environment, starting from bringing in organic herbs with chemical free and harmless to natural resources and environment to ensure cleanliness and harmless to human being.

You can count on Thaiva form every step of her products.